Why Base Camp?

In the early church it was their custom to meet from house to house. As early as the second chapter of the book of Acts we read about how the first Christians were sharing their homes, growing in faith, and learning from the apostles’ teachings. We recognize that, like the early church, BCC is meeting all over the Miami Valley. Some of us are meeting in Home Groups, some of us are connecting as friends, and others of us are meeting on campus at BCC. We are not going to ask you to give up meeting in various ways, as a matter of fact we encourage you to keep pursuing Jesus in your every day lives, just like the early church. But we do want to stay connected with each other and help other people find the same connection you have found in Home Groups, book clubs, and various other opportunities. That is why we offer Base Camp. This is a central hub—or Base Camp—for us to connect with each other, grow in our faith, and consider the apostles’ teachings. Check the different places you can connect and come join us.