Plan Your Visit with Us:

In the confusion of life it’s easy to make church feel like a bunch of rules and rituals, but here it’s okay to be yourself. Because at BCC we care more about helping you find love, hope and healing than our rules and rituals.

What to Expect:

Thinking about visiting BCC? We would love to have you as our guest! Expect a relaxed and welcoming environment for you and your family. Church can feel overwhelming at first, but not to worry, our goal is to be right there with you so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

For safety measures during COVID-19 we are asking everyone to wear a mask BUT THERE IS NO NEED TO SIGN UP


You may be used to one or maybe two speakers doing the bulk of the teaching at a church. At BCC we have chosen to take another path. We have a teaching team. There are staff members and non-staff members who share the teaching duties on a Sunday morning. You most likely will not hear the same speaker two weeks in a row. We are confident that this shows our commitment to the unlocking all the talents and gifts in our community. We are all on this journey together and we all have a part to play.


FAQ: Where do I go:

After You park, come in the awning marked “Main Entrance” or if you have kids come in the awning marked “Kid’s Entrance.” There will be people at both places to help you.


  • Join us for our live gatherings at 9:30am or online at 9:30am .You’ll experience the same great worship and live teaching at both times.

Check out what our Celebration Gatherings are like.

FAQ: What do I wear?

Wear what’s comfortable. In the summer you’ll see shorts and sandals. In winter it’s cold so most people don’t wear shorts. Feel free to be comfortable.

About Us

Have questions about who we are, what we believe, or our unique take on church?


Safe Place for your kids

We provide environments for kids (birth through High School) where we join parents on the parenting journey to help the kids discover who God says they are and how the can start meeting him for themselves in every day life.

What to expect when you check your kids on Sunday

Current Series: ARTIFACTS

In our world today the Church often gets a bad rap. Many Christians don’t always live like the one they claim to follow. The issue isn’t that we are all flawed and human (just like the everybody else), but it’s that we claim to be different. And often the Church falls woefully short.

But what if…? What if it is possible to live into the reality of who we were born to be, as God’s people— the Church? We are going to kick off 2021 with some digging. We are going to dig into the earliest years of the Church in the book of Acts. We are going to examine artifacts that not only reveal how those first followers of Jesus lived out their faith in their world, but also point to how we can live out our faith in our day. Come dig with us!