Celebration Gatherings: Many times in church we think of worship as just singing songs, but it so much more than that. When the church gathers it is a chance to celebrate what God is doing among us. From telling stories to singing songs about Him to remembering the gift of freedom that Jesus gave us to giving our offering, we celebrate what God is doing.

So when we gather at BCC we are focusing ourselves on Celebrating what God is doing among us. We are literally coming along side each other and hearing the stories about how God met us in our everyday lives with hope of helping encourage each other along life’s journey.

We often think of WORSHIP as singing, but its's so much more than that!

As we see modeled in scripture, worship is giving adoration or reverence to God. Abraham fell on his face before the Lord (Genesis 17:3), Moses bowed (Exodus 34:8), Solomon stretched out his hands (1 Kings 8:54), David danced (2 Samuel 6:14), and even Jesus worshiped God (Luke 4:8) and sang hymns (Mark 14:26).

We use musical worship to sing together and extend our praise to God for what He has already done and will continue to do in our lives. But, true worship is way more than that. It is a lifestyle of adoration for what God has done and involves the attitude of our heart (Jeremiah 17:10, Psalm 139:1).

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Each week we study scripture together after we have spent time singing and expressing our hearts to God. We have a unique speaking team of 5 people who share the perpetration and presentation of the message series we find our selves studying.


We weekly eat the Lord’s Supper. It’s another unique practice we have. We believe its the one thing that unites all Christians and was celebrated every time the believers gathered since the ancient times. As part of that ancient church we observe this tradition every week.

As followers of Christ please feel free to partake. This is your time to remember how Jesus has begun to restore your life.


Weekly we collect an offering. This is an opportunity to be generous with the blessings God has given you.

There is no obligation to give and if you are just checking us out, please don’t give unless you believe God is leading you to share.