Our Elders

Meet Our Elders

Jeff & Kathleen Hosner


email: jeff@beavercreekchristian.org

Jeff joined BCC in 1990 and became an Elder in 2012. He graduated from The Ohio State University with a BS in Engineering and Wright State University with an MBA. He is currently a defense contractor at WPAFB.

Jeff’s APEST gifting is teaching, and his specific interests are apologetics and the reliability of the Bible.

Jeff married his best friend Kathleen in July, 1995. Kathleen is a school nurse serving the Dayton community, and she sings with the worship team and works in women’s ministries at BCC. They have three children: Ryan, A.J., and Joshua. They live in Beavercreek and are active with local soccer teams and community outreach ministries. Jeff enjoys biking, tennis, golf, and scuba diving.

Dave & Jodie Searle


email: dave@beavercreekchristian.org

Dave and his wife Jodie have been married since 1988, and have two chil­dren: Samantha and AJ. After a 21-year career as a military officer and having lived all over the world, Dave and his family now call Fair­born, Ohio home.

They partnered with BCC in ministry from 2006-2009 and then again since 2013 when they returned to Ohio after Dave retired from the military and began his work with the Air Force as a civilian employee at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Dave’s been leading ministry teams for over 20 years in children’s and youth ministries, various adult ministries, home groups and the worship arts.

Dave is passionate about the power of small group disciple­ship, and he and Jodie currently lead a home group focused on “empty nesters.” He’s also an active member of the worship team. Dave’s APEST gifts lean toward Shepherding (Pastoring) and Teaching.

Todd & Chris Rodden


email: todd@beavercreekchristian.org

Todd and his wife Chis have been married since 1992. They live in Centerville with their two sons, Nathan (will attend Indiana University) and Nick (high school). They have attended BCC since 2001. Currently, he is a senior level manager with Synchrony Financial. Todd grew up in Waterloo, Iowa and has an engineering degree from the University of Iowa and a master’s degree from Kettering University. Chris has a journalism degree and a law degree. They have served in the nursery/toddler area at BCC for 18 years. In addition, Todd leads the Operation Christmas Child effort every year and has led some men’s ministry programs. Todd’s APEST strengths are Shepherding and Teaching. He enjoys being physically active by running, lifting weights and playing golf. He also serves on the board of directors for a local non-profit serving kids and adults with disabilities (United Rehabilitation Services).

Ben & Amy Guthrie


email: bguthrie@beavercreekchristian.org

Ben and his wife Amy have been married 24 years, and have three children: Curtis, Callie, and Keith. Curtis currently attends The Ohio State University, Callie attends Anderson University, and Keith attend Beavercreek Public Schools. Ben and Amy are Beavercreek High School sweethearts and were married after graduating from Anderson University. Ben and Amy each attended Beavercreek Christian Church in High School. Upon having their first child in 2000, they moved back to Beavercreek and rejoined BCC.

Ben has served as Treasurer of BCC the past 20 years and has led the Operations for the past 10 years or so. Over this time period, Ben and Amy have been very active in various ministries of BCC including, International Ministry, Love Monkey, Home Groups,Trail Guides, Media Team, and Office and Administrative Support. They are both are also very active in the Community and serve in various leadership roles with the US Air Force Museum Foundation, Beavercreek Soccer Association, Beavercreek Popcorn Festival, Deloitte Community Impact Day, Ankeney PTO, Beavercreek High School After Prom, and Beavercreek High School Cross Country Parents Association.

Ben and Amy are passionate about serving others. Ben has primarily focused this passion on serving the local community, while Amy is always willing to assist with any volunteer opportunity.

Mike & Bev Barrett


email: mike@beavercreekchristian.org

Mike married his better half Beverly in December, 1995. They have three married children: Rachel (Jacob), Mark (Wendy), and Brittany (Chris). They have three grandchildren: Everett and Elliott (parents Brittany and Chris), and Finley (parents Rachel and Jacob).

Mike graduated from the University of Louisville with a BS and MS in Engineering, and Xavier University with an MBA. Mike retired late 2016 from Parker Hannifin. Bev has a BS in Finance and an MBA from Wright State University. Bev is also retired, first from a career in defense contracting as a finance manager and director, and secondly, as an interior decorator/franchise owner.
Mike and Bev had attended Crossview Christian Church in Waynesville from 1995 to 2010, where they served to meet a variety of needs. Mike served as an elder (2008-2010), before moving to Missouri for employment in 2010. Mike and Bev moved from Missouri back to Ohio in September, 2018, and joined the BCC family.
Mike’s APEST gifting leans toward shepherding and teaching. Mike and Bev enjoy the outdoors - hiking, walking, and biking. Bev got Mike into scuba diving in the late 90’s. Mike also likes golf.