“For the Lord is righteous, he loves justice; the upright will see his face.”

– Psalm 11:7

This is the story of a mission. A story where a few friends saw the needs of refugees in our city and became the good news for them. With the compassion of Jesus and some simple supplies the Kingdom came to earth like it is in heaven.

Our Mission...

The City of Dayton receives hundreds of refugees from all over the world each year. As they try to acclimate to the culture in the U.S. and Ohio, the journey is hard to navigate. That's where our ministry shows up. Our goal, as Dr. King may have said it, is to "give them bootstraps," knowing our international friends will pull themselves up by those bootstraps.

We help them find the best place for housing, education, and jobs. We help them find cloths, food, medical care, transportation, furniture and appliances. But most of all we help them see who Jesus is through our friendship and love.

Our Regular Opportunities

International Family Nights: Every month or so on Friday nights through the school year, we gather families from our refugee community and provide dinner and fun activities for everyone to interact and build friendships. We do everything from English classes, to children’s activities, to playing basketball and badminton. Its a great night!

Tutoring: Depending on the need we help tutor students in several subjects so they can acclimate to the school systems here in the U.S. and find academic success. 

Meeting New Families: We have a team of people that try to meet any new families that have moved into the city. We bring gifts and friendship, so they know we are here to help and support them as they acclimate to their new homes.

Helping Families get on their feet: We have storage units with clothes, furniture, appliances and supplies that have been donated by generous supporters. We spend time with the families to understand their needs and help them set up their homes. 

Mentoring: Several of our partners in ministry have chosen to take people under their wing to disciple them and help them learn to be like Jesus and teach others to do the same. 

How you can help

Our ongoing opportunities

  • Tutors for those who need it
  • Drivers for our International Family Nights
  • Volunteers for our International Family Nights
  • Donations of clothes and supplies
  • Help with small mechanical and appliance repair

If you can help in any way please contact us at