Opportunities to Serve

You were made for this!

God has given you – yes you! – unique opportunities and abilities to build His Kingdom. Serving is a great way to discover your spiritual gifts and join others on this journey to see all things restored.

Is Serving Your Next Step?

We have serving options for every personality, skill set, season of life, and schedule. Check out the opportunities below. Are you ready experience the adventure of working along side God as he restores all things? Are you ready to make a real difference in the lives of real people?


Helping our International friends is an ongoing ministry project at BCC. Every 3 weeks we have an International Family Night and there are always simple ways to serve: from preparing food, to driving a bus, to helping in classrooms, or just playing in the gym. Plus we have several other ministry opportunities like tutoring twice a week or fixing small home appliances or helping sort through donations. If you’d like to lend a hand, please click here or contact the church office.

Sunday Morning

Every Sunday we have energetic and welcoming people who greet anyone joining us for a Worship Gathering. All you need is a smile and the willingness to say, “hello” or “good morning!” We will help you with the rest. If you’d like to jump in and be a greeter please contact Ed Green today.


We have a developing prayer ministry in our church. It is our desire to cover BCC in prayer every Monday. To do that we manage a sign up list of people who will take half hour slots to pray, we also man a prayer room on Mondays at BCC. If you’d like to be involved in the prayer ministry at BCC please contact Bill Cuthrell.


Our student ministry is in need of DNA Group leaders. DNA Groups are our small groups that meet weekly: Middle School 9:30am | High School 11am. You would not be required to teach, just ask 3 simple questions to help the students debrief their week. But we do ask you to be prepared to enter into a mentoring relationship with the students as you get to know them. If you are interested please contact our Pastor of Student Community Nate Lemke today.

Clean Up

Simple and easy way to serve the body: After the 1st worship gathering we are in need of someone to refill the communion cups and replenish the bread before the 2nd worship gathering. We also need help cleaning up the communion after the 2nd worship gathering. If you could do any or all of those tasks at least once a month please contact the church office


BCC is helping to renovate a new place to help our international families in crisis called The Promise House. We are in need of cleaning, painting, simple maintenance, or general handy-man work. If you would like to lend a hand and see this dream come into reality please contact Terri Fleck today.

Story Teller

Our communications team is looking for someone who has a passion to tell stories using digital media. We would storyboard, film, edit, and produce short videos for the congregation and community to tell the story of BCC. If you would be interested in being a video story teller please contact Stew Sheckler today.

Social Media

Our communications team is looking for a few people to help develop our social media presence. We have four main areas of social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube, that we try to maintain. Ideally we would like 4 people, one for each platform. If you would like to help BCC become more influential on social media please contact Stew Sheckler today.


Our Communications team is looking for someone to help maintain and develop our website. Our website helps us to tell the story of BCC and we would like someone with tech knowledge as well as an artistic eye to help us keep up with communication to our congregation and community. If you would like to help out with web development pleas contact Stew Sheckler today.

Elementary Co-Teacher
Sundays 2nd hour

We have a need for a week to week co-teacher for elementary school during the 2nd service. This is a rewarding opportunity to not only help kids but learn from seasoned volunteers who love serving kids. If you’d like to help please contact Kristi Gatlin our Children’s Pastor.

Preschool teacher
2nd Hour Once a month

We are looking for Preschool Leaders for 2nd hour. We are in need of 4 people who could do twice a month as a co-teacher. This a great opportunity to help kids and learn from seasoned volunteers. If you are interested please contact Kristi Gatlin our Children’s Pastor.


We are in need of floating substitutes who can fill in as needed for teachers who are unable to be in their classroom for a week. If you would be able to help out please contact Kristi Gatlin our Children’s Pastor.

General Maintenance
and clean up

We are in need of a miscellaneous cleaning and maintenance tasks done around the campus. From clean out buses, to dusting high places or helping with small projects, we need people to step up and help every other week. If you are interested in helping out please contact Terri Fleck our Director of Operations.


We are in need of a few musicians. If you can play an instrument from an Obo to a bass to keyboard we’d love to find a place for you on the team. Contact our Worship Arts Director Adam Williamson to set up an audition.

Tech Team
for worship

We are looking for some people to join our tech team in the worship arts ministry. If you would like to join us by running the sound equipment for worship gatherings or run the screen content for worship services please contact Adam Williamson our Director of Worship arts.

Still Not Sure?:

If you are not sure where to start, let us know and someone from our staff will be in touch to help you take your next step in serving.


As you contact us we suggest you click the button below and do an inventory of your spiritual gifts, it will only take about 10 minutes and the results can help us as we coach you.

APEST inventory

Have something else in mind?:

As you look through these opportunities you may not find what you feel God calling you to do. Maybe you have another idea and want to explore it? At BCC we aren’t just interested in you supporting the church, we want to empower you to follow God. We know God guides us to love and serve the community in unique ways. So, instead of trying to force you into one of our ministries, we want to support you as you follow God. If you click the link below you will be taken to a tool that we use to help people flesh out what God may be leading them to do. Please start working though the tool and we will come alongside you for coaching and support.