I.  D.  E.  A.

How can we help you take an idea and implement it? Its as simple as a handy acronym: IDEA. This acronym allows us to take the next best step by asking a few questions. So what’s your big idea? Tell us all about it.

Step 1: Investigate

The first step is to investigate and conduct the fact-finding needed to fully asses if the idea is something that would be considered good news for the people you feel God has asked you to help. You will answer four questions to help you asses the idea:

Step 2: Design

Once you’ve done your investigation and believe that the idea is good news for the people or place you have been called to help, the second step is to design it for implementation. Let’s paint a mental picture of how to implement this idea and what the future would look like when the idea is successfully working. Work through six questions to help you design your idea: 

Step 3: Experiment

Once you have done your homework about the people and places God has put on your heart and have designed a ministry with the potential for transformation, it’s time to experiment. The step of experimentation helps us select the option or solution that holds the greatest promise, by conducting a pilot project to test the idea. The experiment may not be a full blown solution, it’s simply there to begin to test the waters. Use these questions to help you create a great experiment:

Step 4: Adjust

After the experiment, you will take the fourth step in the IDEA process: making adjustments. This is the step where you assess and tweak and where results are compared with expected outcomes. Once the necessary adjustments are made, you will follow up with a redesign to improve the original idea. Respond to these questions to help you asses and redesign:

As you click through and answer the questions for first three steps, please contact the office and one of the Senior Staff (Ed, Terri, Stew) will get back with you and help you with step 4. If you have any questions with steps 1 thru 3 please contact Stew Sheckler.