Helping teenagers find the joy we receive from God, through Jesus, as we navigate our day-to-day lives.


Being the parent of a teenager can be tough…

The struggle is real. One day they are your cuddly lovable angel and the next you begin to believe aliens are real and they left one in your house. Good News! You are not alone. How can we help?



On Sunday Mornings we gather…

to share stories and celebrate what God is doing among us. We express ourselves with songs, games, & communion. It’s church made for teenagers.



Tribes are the places we start becoming the Good News

that our friends and families need. These age specific groups meet regularly to live in a regular rhythm of UP | IN | OUT. Come check one out.


Summer Camp registration is open. Sign up today at

We are encouraging all of our students to live out a rule of life that will help them live out both Jesus’ words in Matthew 23:23-24 and Micah 6:8 – Love Mercy (IN), Seek Justice(OUT), and Walk humbly with your God (UP). We are asking that they take a moment each week to Eat with someone who is IN their faith community, Bless someone OUT-side their faith community, and Learn something new about Jesus (UP). This will fan the flame of discipleship which is at the core of our TRIBE

All our Calendar information is on the BCC App. If you haven’t downloaded it, now is your chance to keep up on all the info you need. After you download the app, go to Ministries >>Tribe>>Tribe Calendar for all the events. OR Click Here for a fun PDF you can print and put on your fridge.

Current Message Series:


Whether it’s your favorite movie, book, or reality show, you know there’s nothing like a good plot twist! Those storytelling surprises can keep us entertained, but they can do a lot more than that too. A good plot twist can make us rethink everything we thought we knew, see things in a brand new light, and get excited about what might happen next. That’s never more true than in the most surprising and significant plot twist in history — Jesus’ death and resurrection. In this six-week series, we’ll look at six surprising stories from Jesus’ death, resurrection, and last days on earth. These stories will show us that, when life takes unexpected turns, God gives us help. And even when we’ve messed up or are ready to give up, Jesus never turns away from us, but gives us life, gives us hope, is with us, and gives us another chance.