Helping teenagers find the joy we receive from God, through Jesus, as we navigate our day-to-day lives.


Being the parent of a teenager can be tough…

The struggle is real. One day they are your cuddly lovable angel and the next you begin to believe aliens are real and they left one in your house. Good News! You are not alone. How can we help?



On Sunday Mornings we gather…

to share stories and celebrate what God is doing among us. We express ourselves with songs, games, & communion. Its church made for teenagers. Hide at our Diner or jump right in its your choice.



Tribes are the places we start becoming the Good News

that our friends and families need. These age specific groups meet regularly to live in a regular rhythm of UP | IN | OUT. Come check one out.


We want to find some good music that will inspire your soul, that will encourage you to stretch your faith. Here’s a SPOTIFY playlist so you can listen and lean into what the Father may be saying to you.

Every quarter we publish a calendar for our TRIBES. You can download them here or grab a print copy for your refrigerator in the Warehouse.

Current Message Series:


If your faith were a muscle, how flexible would it be? Could it stretch to your knees? Your shins? Your toes? Or are you not sure you even have any faith to stretch in the first place? Just like your body, if you want a faith that is strong, growing, and capable of carrying you through difficult challenges, you’re going to need to stretch it. It might be fun. It might be challenging. But it will definitely be worthwhile. In this series, we’ll discover ways we can stretch and develop our faith and be potential transformed by Jesus. Getting ripped is never easy and requires discipline and effort, but over time you learn to connect to the Holy Spirit and find yourself Spiritually Fit.