Prayer has become one of the most consistent things in our world. COVID-19 and all the unrest in our country has shown us who we should be depending. So each Monday we ask that you pause for just a moment, cover BCC in prayer, and seek God’s glory.

Please take 30 minutes out of your day to stop and cover BCC in prayer. 

Here’s the prayer guide to help you pray with your family today.

Read Psalm 91 to jump start your prayer time.

Up – God is good so I don’t have to look for satisfaction elsewhere.  Isn’t that easy to do? Look for satisfaction elsewhere? We want God to act in a certain way or maybe we don’t even think about God and just want our way. Pause for a moment to day, say the name of God, breathe deep, and know that he is all you need. Ask him to give you that peace today. 

In – Hopefully you have kept in contact with people from BCC. Maybe it was your home group or just a group of friends you keep connected with at BCC. Please pray as a group and ask God to show you anyone that hasn’t stayed connected. Reach out to them and ask them how you can be praying for them. 

Out – Have you prayed for your neighbors recently? Make a tick-tac-toe board on some paper, write your name in the middle square, all the other squares are you neighbors. As you write their names in the square pray for them by name. Take it one step further and ask them how you can be praying for them. 

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