Prayer has become one of the most consistent things in our world. COVID-19 and all the unrest in our country has shown us who we should be depending. So each Monday we ask that you pause for just a moment, cover BCC in prayer, and seek God’s glory.

Please take 30 minutes out of your day to stop and cover BCC in prayer. 

Here’s the prayer guide to help you pray with your family today.

Read Psalm 70 to jump start your prayer time.

Up – As school starts we are worried for our kids, the teachers and administrators. What is going to happen? Do we send them or not? This is the perfect place for us to walk into the darkness with God. We don’t do that a lot in our culture, but now we can’t avoid it. Take your frustration, fear, misunderstanding, and, yes, even your politics and verbally give them to God one at a time, and adding, “…with this I trust you Lord.”

In – Pray for the family of BCC. We have shifted to one service, several of us are not meeting, and it does not feel the same. Ask God that reveal himself through our friends at BCC. Ask God to keep us connected and confident that He is in the middle of our church and when we focus on Him we will stay connected. 

Out – We have been praying for our missionaries and the work they are doing around the world, during our worship Gatherings. Take a moment and pray for each of the missions we support: Jambulosi’s (Planting churches in Tanaznia), Derry’s (Coaching and coordinating missionaries globally), Pollock’s (FC Cincinnati Chaplin), Beavon’s (Directing Love Monkey Ministries). 

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