Prayer has become one of the most consistent things in our world. COVID-19 and all the unrest in our country has shown us who we should be depending. So each Monday we ask that you pause for just a moment, cover BCC in prayer, and seek God’s glory.

Please take 30 minutes out of your day to stop and cover BCC in prayer. 

Here’s the prayer guide to help you pray with your family today.

Read Psalm 63 to jump start your prayer time.

Up – We just started a sermon series entitled, “Enough” where we are discovering that God is enough even when we don’t think we are. We all may feel that way as we see that things are not getting back to “normal.” Call out to God and confess where you feel like you aren’t enough. 

In – We haven’t seen many of you, even though we meeting again in person, and we totally understand how hard it is to decide what is best for you and your family. But being the scattered church is hard because we are in so many places at one time. We can see that as a curse or a blessing. Let us see it as a chance to embrace the good news wherever we are. Pray for you brothers and sisters at BCC and ask God to reveal to them how they can be the good news no matter where they are. 

Out – It feels like every time we look outside our front door people are at each other’s throat’s. If it isn’t racial issues, its political, if it isn’t political its about the coronavirus or schools opening, etc. etc. etc. In the middl of all of this its hard to see where God is at work, but we trust that he is. So ask God to give you insight into how you can love your neighbors, both on Facebook and in person. As he shows you please step out and lead with love. 

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