As we are becoming a church that prays together we find ourselves facing escalating fear and injustice, prayer becomes our lifeline. As we cover Monday in prayer let this prompt guide you.

Please take 30 minutes out of your day to stop and cover BCC in prayer. 

Here’s the prayer guide to help you pray with your family today.

Read Psalm 33:1-5 to jump start your prayer time.

Up – In the middle of what seems to be chaotic many times it is really hard to remember that God is on the job, that we don’t have to figure things out. Take a moment and sit in the remembrance that God cares more about this than we do — let that comfort you. From that place of comfort pray for people you have been angered by in the chaos remembering God cares more for this than you do. 

In – As BCC manages the ReGathering and looking for ways for our church to participate in racial reconciliation, pray for guidance for our leaders, for your friends, and for the division that the enemy wants for us to be kept away from our church.  

Out – Take a moment and specifically think through your family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors who are people of color. Ask God to remind you of their perspective of the world and then pray for them by name, asking God to surround them with love and protection. 

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