As we are becoming a church that prays together we find ourselves in unprecedented times. Which means covering an entire day each week in prayer is central to who we are. As we cover Monday in prayer let this prompt guide you.

Please take 30 minutes out fo their day to stop and cover BCC in prayer. 

Here’s the prayer guide to help you pray with your family today.

Read Psalm 11:7 (The Message Translation) to jumpstart your prayer

Up – What does it mean for you to trust the Lord as we reflect the COVID-19 crisis? What has been challenged to make you notice you need to trust him? Ask God your questions and then spend some time listening. Asking Him to respond. Showing you the way that He wants   

In – A “new normal” for us all is on the horizon. Life after quarantine will not be the same for our families, communities, or BCC. Ask God to show us as a church what our “new normal”and pray with the leaders as they consider this question.    

Out – Loving our neighbors has gotten a lot more literal as we have navigated the quarantine. We may have become more afraid of talking with them or we have met them for the first time. Either way pray for each of your neighbors specifically (to your right, left, front and back), no matter if you know their names or not. 

🙂 “And May the 4th be with you…”