We want to be a church that prays. One of the first steps toward that goal is covering a day each week in prayer. We have decided to cover BCC in prayer all day Monday. 

We are asking everyone to take 30 minutes out fo their day to stop and cover BCC in prayer.

Here’s a prayer guide to help you pray with your family today.

Read Mark 14:12-26 to jump start your prayer time.

Up – The deeper we get into the book of Mark the more realize how Jesus meets us in our everyday lives. How have you seen God at work recently in your day to day life? Reflect on it and think God for being active in your life. Name a place where you feel like you need him to work.

In – BCC always has things happening, from international ministry, to Preschool ministry, to Home Groups, to youth and children’s ministry, to worship practices and small groups. Pray that we will continue to see the main things the main things. Pray that God will continue to teach us what it means to be a healthy church the loves Him, loves people and makes disciples. 

Out – Jesus told his disciples to Go. Go into the wold and tell people about who he is and what he has done for them. Where is Jesus sending you? Who is Jesus sending you to? Look around at the people that surround you every day. Who needs to hear and experience the Good News of Jesus through you? Ask God to give you the courage to help out and ask him to open the door an opportunity.