We want to be a church that prays. One of the first steps toward that goal is covering a day each week in prayer. We have decided to cover BCC in prayer all day Monday. 

We are asking everyone to take 30 minutes out fo their day to stop and cover BCC in prayer.

Here’s a prayer guide to help you pray with your family today.

Read Psalm 40 to jump start your prayer time.

Up – God simply wants to be with you. He continues to bring His presence to us. God with us. Ask God to make his presence known to you. Where do you need to experience his gracious presence right now? Ask God to show you how he is present and at work in that place. 

In – We have an amazing group of volunteers that server and disciple our next generation. They spend their time and energy for our kids. Pray for our Kids Ministry and our Student Community team leaders by name: Kristi Gatlin and Nate Lemke. Please do the same for any of the volunteers that God lays on your heart that serve and love our kids.    

Out – Pray that God would lead the hurting, the broken, the lost, the lonely and the outcast to the doorstep of your life and to the doorstep of our church. Pray that BCC will be a place of healing and belonging for so many who feel overlooked and forgotten. 

Event – This Saturday is the IF: Gathering for women. Please lift up all of the people who will be attending at BCC. Pray that God would open up their hearts and minds to the good news. Pray they all feel empowered and energized as members of the body of Christ.  

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