We want to be a church that prays. One of the first steps toward that goal is covering a day each week in prayer. We have decided to cover BCC in prayer all day Monday. 

We are asking everyone to take 30 minutes out fo their day to stop and cover BCC in prayer.

Each Monday we are going to focus on 4 areas during our prayer time. 

1. UP:  This is about you and your families relationship with Jesus. 

2. IN: This is about our church family and the way God is working in us. 

3. OUT: This is about you and our church family being a light in the world where God has planted us. 

4. We will pray for a specific program, event or experience taking place in our church family. 

We will also include a Psalm that will help kick start your time of prayer.

So let’s get started!

Read Psalm 34

Up – Pray about you and your families relationship with Jesus. Where are you experiencing breakthrough? Where are you experiencing resistance? 

In – Pray for another family/person at BCC. Pray that God will reveal Himself in fresh and clear ways to them. 

Out – Pray for a neighbor, Co-worker or friend that does not have a relationship with Jesus. Ask God to give you an opportunity to share the Good News of Jesus with them. 

Event – Share 1 to 1 is helping homeless people in Xenia. Winter is tough for them and we are helping to put together backpacks of supplies and winter needs. Pray that God would work through BCC and Share 1 to 1 to meet the needs of these men. Pray that we have all the supplies and packs we need.  

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