We are a church that will join you on life’s journey…

We want to help people find the love, hope, and healing of Jesus in their everyday lives through a genuine connection with a family.


Take all the time you need to check us out. We know you want to make sure this is the best place for you or your family.



Being on the journey alone is not fun, we have a family that will go on this trek with you, come check out what your next steps at BCC might look like.



Raising kids can be tough. The struggle is real but you don’t have do this alone, we can be here to help.


It’s that time again for Operation Christmas Child! There will be boxes available for pickup at BCC THIS Sunday as well as a packing list. Operation Christmas Child’s mission is to demonstrate God’s love in a tangible way to children in need around the world through shoe boxes full of toys and a few necessities. Please bring your packed boxes back to BCC no later than Sunday November 20!

The BCC Thanksgiving Meal is coming up in THREE WEEKS on November 19! There will be delicious food, games from all ages, crafts, and fun activities to partake in while we spend time together over a thanksgiving meal! We will also be raising funds for our #CITYSERVE initiative by YOU voting who to pie in the face with clear jars in the foyer at BCC. Just put cash or check in the jar for the person YOU want to see pied in the face to vote! Sign-up to bring food at the link below and join us on the 19th for a fun time!


KidsLIFE’s and POLC’s Merry Marketplace is coming up on December 9th! Every year we host families of POLC and BCC where you can drop off your kids here at the church for some fun games and crafts and give you, the adults, time to shop, eat, or relax during the busy holiday season. Register your kids now at the link below!


Current Message Series:


What happens when you can’t see where your life is going? When everything you reach for seems to slip through your fingers? It’s like grasping for fog. We try to make sense of this life in any number of ways: work, relationships, pleasure, possessions, success, and even church. But none of it satisfies. None of it lasts. Life often feels confusing and frustrating. It’s difficult to get your bearings and find direction. Like standing in the fog.

At BCC we try to live out our conviction that God gifts the church with a diversity of leaders and teachers. Therefore, for the past few years, we have utilized a teaching team consisting of 5-6 individuals. For more on our teaching team, click this link.