We are a church that will join you on life’s journey…

We want to help people find the love, hope, and healing of Jesus in their everyday lives through a genuine connection with a family.


Take all the time you need to check us out. We know you want to make sure this is the best place for you or your family.



Being on the journey alone is not fun, we have a family that will go on this trek with you, come check out what your next steps at BCC might look like.



Raising kids can be tough. The struggle is real but you don’t have do this alone, we can be here to help.


We don’t know for sure who James was. It was as common a name in the first century as it is today. But there is a strong chance that this letter was from the best-known James in the early church: James the brother of Jesus — who seems to have been taking notes at The Sermon on the Mount. Some say this book may be the oldest book of the New Testament but it is full of practical steps of faith that will both encourage and challenge you today. Come join Stew Sheckler on Sundays at 9:15am Oct. 8, 15, 22 and then in Nov. 12 and 19 as he walks us through the Book of James. You can signup through our church app and also let us know if you need childcare.


BCC is partnering with H2O, a community church and university organization that meets on Wright State’s Campus for a Grocery Bingo night!. We will be preparing and serving the meal especially for international students that evening, as well as providing bags of groceries that students can “win” playing Grocery Bingo. It will be held in the Student Union at 6:30 on Saturday evening, October 14th. We will have opportunities to buy and donate groceries, prepare and serve the meal, and hang out with students as they eat and play bingo. You can sign up for any of these through a Signup Genius that will go live early next week, so make sure you have your app notifications turned on so you know when it opens!

Current Message Series:


What happens when you can’t see where your life is going? When everything you reach for seems to slip through your fingers? It’s like grasping for fog. We try to make sense of this life in any number of ways: work, relationships, pleasure, possessions, success, and even church. But none of it satisfies. None of it lasts. Life often feels confusing and frustrating. It’s difficult to get your bearings and find direction. Like standing in the fog.

At BCC we try to live out our conviction that God gifts the church with a diversity of leaders and teachers. Therefore, for the past few years, we have utilized a teaching team consisting of 5-6 individuals. For more on our teaching team, click this link.