MS & HS @10:30 AM


On Sunday mornings students in grades 5-12 join in the Warehouse to share stories of what God is doing among us at 10:30 AM. We typically have a time of worship and games to get everyone warmed up and awake before engaging in an interactive message about the work of God as shown in scripture and why it matters today in the lives of studetns. Then we break into our small groups, and share what happened in our week and explore the message a little deeper.

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November 2023

Have you ever seen one of those random acts of kindness that tend to trend online? Maybe someone gives a stranger an envelope full of cash or the keys to a free car. Maybe they pay off all their bills or cover their college tuition. While these moments of "over the top" generosity can be inspiring, they're not things most of us will ever be in a position to give away. But if we can't give away any brand new cars, what can we give that would make a difference in the world? In this series, we'll see what the book of 1 Thessalonians shows us about loving
others through what we can give. We'll discover how to make a big difference by
being generous with our time, being generous by caring for each other,
and being generous with our encouragement.