17 Mazatlán Mission Trip Part 1 – The Dads

In this BCC PodCast Stew sits down with Ben Guthrie and Ted Gatlin to discuss and tell stories of their trip to Mazatlán, Mexico in July. There were 4 dads total that went on the mission trip. Ted, Stew and Ben were all joined by a father and son team from Virginia, together they made up the “Dad’s” on the trip. Their perspectives were different from the students who pitched in on the trip, so we thought we’d share their stories first, then in a follow up podcast share with you the stories of the kids.

We will have a presentation and report for the whole church on Labor Day weekend September 1st, you won’t want to miss that either.
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SERMON – On The Journey With You – Elijah and Elisha

This week on the Journey with you is Ted Gatlin. Ted is one of our “non-staff” teaching pastors. He speaks about every sixth week. This week Ted continues our series On The Journey With You as he talks about Elijah and Elisha (a continuing theme for him). In this sermon he lays out to us how God sets up our relationships to grow us and develop us. We are not on this journey alone and God has mades sure of it.

SERMON – When Pigs Fly – Elisha

Ted leads us in a unique Sunday. We had tables set out in the room instead of rows and there is several moments of interaction in his teaching. The kids were with us and because we are all on this journey together, we wanted to help them interact with the message as much as the adults. It was a great time of learning together. Ted really gives us great insight into God’s work in our everyday lives.