SERMON – When Pigs Fly – Elisha

Ted leads us in a unique Sunday. We had tables set out in the room instead of rows and there is several moments of interaction in his teaching. The kids were with us and because we are all on this journey together, we wanted to help them interact with the message as much as the adults. It was a great time of learning together. Ted really gives us great insight into God’s work in our everyday lives. 

The Big Story – Act 2 – The Fall

The Big Story – Act 2 – The Fall

The Big Story (What in the World is God Doing?)

The Bible provides us with a grand narrative of what God is up to throughout history, in his world and through his people. While there are various ways to describe this, it is perhaps best conceived as a drama in six acts: Creation, Fall, Israel, Christ, Church, and Restoration. We are a part and have a role in the unfolding story of God’s working in history.

Go deeper on your own, or with your small group or family:
Act 2 – The Fall – Reflection Guide (PDF)