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These are just what they sound like: a group meeting together to discuss a book they have read. Some book clubs may meet weekly and discuss a section or chapter at a time, while others will meet once to discuss the entire book. Current and upcoming Book Clubs will be posted here.

Christians have been called a People of the Book. Obviously, that refers to the Bible, but since the first Bible was printed on Gutenburg’s press, Christians have read the Bible and all sorts of books that help us to learn and grow in our faith. We want to offer opportunities to read a book together, reflect on it, and see how it can apply in our lives and in the world.

October-November 2021

Sign Up for Book Club - Emotionally Healthy Woman

Will meet in-person twice a month

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The Emotionally Healthy Woman: Eight Things to Quit to Change Your Life

Geri and Peter Scazzero tell their story of how living untruthfully almost killed their marriage, and their ministry. They started a journey of discovering where they were lacking in their spiritual formation, and how emotionally unhealthy ways of relating with God and others greatly hindered spiritual growth and true spiritual fruit in their lives. The Emotionally Healthy Woman is about learning to choose and trust God’s truth, plan, and path, even if it is uncomfortable in the short term. The discussion group will be led by Lynne Bergman, who is looking forward to reading and discussing with others how God is working to remove barriers we might have in walking freely in Him. This Book Club will meet twice a month for October and November. Please contact Lynne Bergman for more information.

October 2021

Sign Up for Book Club - The Deeply Formed Life

Will meet in-person on November 4

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The Deeply Formed Life: Five Transformative Values to Root Us in the Way of Jesus, by Rich Villodas

New York pastor Rich Villodas says we must restore balance, focus, and meaning for our souls. During our chaotic times, discover five forgotten values that can spark internal growth and help us reconcile our Christian faith with the complexities of race, sexuality, and social justice. Most believers live in the state of “being a Christian” without ever being deeply formed by Christ. We feel unable to love well or live differently from the rest of the world—to live as people of the good news.The Deeply Formed Life is a roadmap to live in the richly rooted place we all yearn for: a place of communion with God, a place where we find our purpose. This Book Club will tentatively meet in-person on Thursday evening, November 4. Contact Ed Green if you have any questions.