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These are just what they sound like: a book club. Each week we will read a chapter or two, meet up on ZOOM or in person (future) to discuss our impressions of the book and its implications in our everyday lives.

Bearing God's Name

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Time: Thursdays (Starting Jan. 14th) 7:30pm

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Have you ever wondered what the Old Testament―especially the Old Testament law―has to do with your Christian life? You are not alone. Some Christian leaders believe we should cast off the Old Testament now that we have the New. Carmen Joy Imes disagrees. In this warm, accessible volume, Imes takes readers back to Sinai, the ancient mountain where Israel met their God, and explains the meaning of events there. She argues that we’ve misunderstood the command about “taking the Lord’s name in vain.” Instead, Imes says that this command is about “bearing God’s name,” a theme that continues throughout the rest of Scripture. Readers will revisit the story of Israel as they trudge through the wilderness from a grueling past to a promising future. The story of Israel turns out to be our story too, and you’ll discover why Sinai still matters as you follow Jesus today.