19 Why BCC has a Preschool with Cara Rigsbee

This week in a late Podcast (Stew was out of town) Stew sits down with Cara Rigsbee who is the director of our Precious Ones Learning Center (POLC) and they talk about some of the triumphs and struggles of POLC. They get into how POLC ministers to the whole family and not just watch kids and send them home. So if you didn’t know what POLC was or how it fits into the mission at BCC or if you thought they just clump all the kids together and make sure they don’t get hurt while their parents work, then this podcast is for you.


Trauma Competent Care

2019 Popcorn Festival Children’s Area


18 Matalán Mission Trip Part 2 – The Students

This energetic podcast features the students who went to Mazatlán to work with the global orphan care ministry known as Back2Back. We talk about who they connected with, the impact this trip had on them, and what they brought back home that will propel them into the future. Don’t forget to come to worship with us on Sept. 1st to see some pictures and hear more stories about the trip when we do our church presentation.


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17 Mazatlán Mission Trip Part 1 – The Dads

In this BCC PodCast Stew sits down with Ben Guthrie and Ted Gatlin to discuss and tell stories of their trip to Mazatlán, Mexico in July. There were 4 dads total that went on the mission trip. Ted, Stew and Ben were all joined by a father and son team from Virginia, together they made up the “Dad’s” on the trip. Their perspectives were different from the students who pitched in on the trip, so we thought we’d share their stories first, then in a follow up podcast share with you the stories of the kids.

We will have a presentation and report for the whole church on Labor Day weekend September 1st, you won’t want to miss that either.
Check out Back2Back Ministries!

16 – Phil Corbell – Integrating discipleship into my everyday life

Phil Corbell sits down with Stew and unpacks how integrating discipleship into his everyday life changed how approaches people, his family, the place he works and even how he passes on the good news to people. Phil, a retired AF officer, has lived and worked in Beavercreek for the last 5 years. He and his wife Kristi have 4 awesome kids that make this journey so much better for them. If you wanna talk with Phil he’s not too hard to find, but if he you can’t find him look behind the soundboard on a Sunday, you might catch him there.

SERMON – On The Journey With You – Paul and Timothy

This week Stew Sheckler and Joel Baker brought us a message about disciple making. It was Joel’s first time preaching in the “main” service. Together they gave us a visual reference about what it means to be On The Journey together. Stew began mentoring Joel when he was in High School, now Joel is leading and discipling guys between Ohio and Michigan. Being on the journey together means we bring people along behind us who we can pass the good news on to because someone has done the same for us.

Books and/or resources that might help:

Building a Discipling Culture 

On The Verge

The Gravity Leadership Podcast


15 Naomi Stadler and Kyle Gulley – Being the Hands and Feet of Jesus









This week we tell the story of The Hearth Food Pantry at East Dayton Christian Church. Kyle Gulley the Sr. Pastor at the church tells the story of how the ministry began and what they do to help their community. Naomi Stadler joins him telling her story about how God lead her to help out on Tuesdays. They talk about giving dignity to people as they become the hands and feet of God.

As you listen you may want to help the food pantry out. The pantry runs from 1pm – 7pm on Tuesdays. As you may have heard they can use all kinds of help. If you can only give an hour, they will take it, if you can do all 5 hours they definitely will take it. If you do want to pitch in please go to their website: https://gracedriven.church/serving/ or contact kyle@gracedriven.church or 937.253.7965

SERMON – On The Journey With You – Elijah and Elisha

This week on the Journey with you is Ted Gatlin. Ted is one of our “non-staff” teaching pastors. He speaks about every sixth week. This week Ted continues our series On The Journey With You as he talks about Elijah and Elisha (a continuing theme for him). In this sermon he lays out to us how God sets up our relationships to grow us and develop us. We are not on this journey alone and God has mades sure of it.