WHAT IS The Academy?

As followers of Jesus we are continuously wrestling with how our faith affects the day-to-day. Let’s remember, God cares about all 168 hours of our week. The Academy is an environment where we will learn that the principles of God are relevant right where we are, today, in this moment, in this place. We will use a set of engaging classes in order to encourage you to experience your faith more fully.

Let’s Talk Social Media – DECEMBER 6 AT 5:30PM IN THE WAREHOUSE

Social Media, in all its forms, created a business model that makes us, the users, the product they are selling to advertisers. They do not have our best interests at heart, nor our kids best interests, yet we allow social media form our society and even form us personally. We would like to have a discussion with parents and students to find solutions to forming our social media habits so they do not form us.

December 6th we are planning a parent, student discussion about social media. The way we would like to have that discussion is by using a documentary called the Social Dilemma from Netflix. Netflix describes The Social Dilemma as a documentary that explores the dangerous human impact of social networking, with tech experts sounding the alarm on their own creations.

Prior to Dec. 6th we will ask you to watch the documentary (if you need help accessing it we can help you). There are a few rules to watching we ask you to follow: 1) Don’t watch with your kids/parents. 2) Don’t watch it alone and discuss with your peers. 3) Try not to discuss the documentary with your kids/parents before Dec. 6.

Nate Lemke will lead a discussion centered on what they saw in The Social Dilemma with the students separate from their parents. Stew Sheckler will lead a discussion with parents on the same subject matter, separate from their kids. Then to end we will have a generative discussion together as a whole group to see how we can all move forward using social media in a healthy positive manner.

Please let us know if you will be joining us by clicking the button below to sign up. To maintain social distancing and monitor health concerns we may have to limit our in person numbers and we will be using ZOOM to connect anyone who doesn’t want be in person but wants to join the discussion.

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This 3-week class will help you discover why we have different speakers on stage each week, how we see membership, what it means to get plugged in at BCC and all sorts of other insights about BCC. It’s typically offered the three weeks following our Welcome Lunch.

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FAQs are classes we offer to dig a bit deeper into some of our beliefs and practices. Such as Baptism, Communion, the role of the elders, our APEST leadership system, etc…

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