WHAT IS The Academy?

As followers of Jesus we are continuously wrestling with how our faith affects the day-to-day. Let’s remember, God cares about all 168 hours of our week. The Academy is an environment where we will learn that the principles of God are relevant right where we are, today, in this moment, in this place. We will use a set of engaging classes in order to encourage you to experience your faith more fully.

Discover BCC

This 3-week class will help you discover why we have different speakers on stage each week, how we see membership, what it means to get plugged in at BCC and all sorts of other insights about BCC. It’s typically offered the three weeks following our Welcome Lunch.

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FAQs are classes we offer to dig a bit deeper into some of our beliefs and practices. Such as Baptism, Communion, the role of the elders, our APEST leadership system, etc…

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How to Disciple Your Kids

What if parenting could be different? What if parenting could be a deeply fulfilling process of discipleship for our kids (and us)? Parenting that goes beyond getting kids to behave and instead deeply empowers them to live as disciples of Jesus? Parenting as discipleship?

That’s what we’ll talk about at this special workshop called How to disciple your kids. We hope to explore what it means to raise kids who are connected to God, their parents, and their peers, and empowered to live as disciples of Jesus in their everyday lives.

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Come learn how following Jesus can affect every part of your life

The Academy