WHAT IS The Academy?

As followers of Jesus we are continuously wrestling with how our faith affects the day-to-day. Let’s remember, God cares about all 168 hours of our week. The Academy is an environment where we will learn that the principles of God are relevant right where we are, today, in this moment, in this place. We will use a set of engaging classes in order to encourage you to experience your faith more fully.

The End of Youth Ministry? by Andrew Root book discussion

Youth Ministry Scholar (yes they exist) Andrew Root takes on a dynamic question about Youth Ministry in the 21st century: What is Youth Ministry for? The answer he uncovers may surprise you, its not just pizza parties and safe places, its so much more.

We have tapped into this a bit at BCC and think that as parents this discussion may help you. Please sign up below if you are interested in this unique study.

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Discover BCC

This 3-week class will help you discover why we have different speakers on stage each week, how we see membership, what it means to get plugged in at BCC and all sorts of other insights about BCC. It’s typically offered the three weeks following our Welcome Lunch.

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SHAPED to Serve: A class to uncover and discover the spiritual gifts that God has give to you. Ed Green will be offering an online ZOOM workshop February 14, 21, & 28. If you would like to join us pleas sign up below.

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Come learn how following Jesus can affect every part of your life

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