Worship Team

Our team is currently accepting new people, so if you are interested, follow the instructions below to get started.

The Worship Team serves by providing musical worship experiences during Celebration Gatherings and other special events. The team consists of instrumentalists, vocalists, and sound technicians.

We are looking for volunteer:

  • Guitar Players (Acoustic/Electric)
  • Drummers/Percussionists
  • Bass Guitar Players
  • Keyboard/Piano Players
  • Players of other instruments suitable for pop/rock/folk
  • Vocalists of all ranges
  • Sound and Media Technicians

Auditioning for the Worship Team

  1. Fill out the form below to let the Worship Arts Director know you’re interested
  2. Plan a visit to a Thursday night rehearsal to meet the team (rehearsals are 7:15 to 8:45 pm)

Instruments or Vocal parts I play/sing: (you may select more than one)
SopranoAltoTenorBassGuitar (acoustic)Guitar (electric)Guitar (bass)DrumsPercussion (bongos, etc.)KeyboardsPianoOther

I am interested in helping with:
NoneSound boardMedia (Sunday morning slides)

If interested in helping with the sound board, do you have any experience? (Not necessarily required)

Can you read music? (Not necessarily required)
Not applicableYesNo

If you're a singer, can you harmonize?
Not a singerYesNo