We will be entering Phase 3 on July 19th. We will ask everyone to observe health and safety protocols, we are suggesting you wear a mask, and we ask that you observe physical distancing, but we will be worshiping together.

Like you, we miss meeting together with our entire church family! We miss seeing your faces, watching your kids run through the hallways, giving you hugs, singing at the top of my lungs with you and so much more. As we enter a new era of COVID-19 precautions we ask you to consider a few things moving forward.

1. Pray for the leadership of your church. These decisions are not easy and we do not take them lightly. We are doing our best to hear the voice of God, see where God is moving and then responding to his leading.

2. Give us grace. As you know, the information that we receive changes on a daily basis. Therefore, this page may also be fluid. All of the dates and details are subject to change.

3. Be patient. We want to be able to be agile but slow. Which allows us to be motivated by love. We want to move and act from a place of love for our neighbors, both near and far.

4. Remain faithful. We have been so impressed and inspired by you. Every chance we get we brag about BCC. The way you have been faithful to your families, to your church family, to your neighbors, to your financial commitments has been a story worth telling.  Persevere. Continue putting one foot in front of the other. God is faithful. God is present with us. God is still at work. Let’s remain faithful to Him.

This is another moment to show the world that we are not just a church for ourselves, but we are a church for the world. We are the hope in the world, as Paul has said in Romans 8, all of creation is groaning for the sons and daughters of God to awaken. Let us awaken and be the hope that God intended for us to be.

Stay Connected!

We will be using our social media platforms and our website to organize our community to be the church during this time of physical distancing. Make sure to stay plugged in through those platforms.