What We Do

Promise House Ministries is essentially a 3-6 month mentoring program with crisis housing provided if available. When housing is available, two women will share a home with their children, and staff will assist them daily in finding housing and home stability.

Our team of experienced mentor moms comes alongside women giving spiritual and practical encouragement and help. With the help of community partners we desire to give our moms as many connections and resources as we can. 

Beavercreek Christian Church is our primary resource right now but we our fostering community relationships with other churches and ministries as well. 

 Our hope in the years ahead is that women and children in crisis will have immediate home availability and mentoring from the local church ministries. 

Our dream is to have multiple apartment buildings managed by caring church partners who carry the Promise House vision to the next level in supporting women and children in our community. Affordable, safe housing is the biggest need, so please be praying that God would open up doors, literally!

Please contact us if you are interested in this mentoring program for yourself or someone you know and we will send you an application! Contact person is Lynne Bergman

          email:  promisehouse@beavercreekchristian.org