COVID-19 is here to stay. Many of us believed and hoped it would fade away like a summer’s day, but that is not what has occurred. We are facing a school year and even a holiday season where we have to manage the ramifications of this virus.

As we have said several times in the past we want to be agile in our response to the virus so we can adjust to your needs, the needs of Beavercreek, as well as the Miami Valley. In light of that we are developing a plan to utilize our digital (online) space as well as our limited face to face interactions to continue to offer training, support and ultimately discipleship to you and our communities. We are embracing the “new normal” and hope you will strive to engage with us.

In the next couple of weeks we will be developing and rolling out some new spaces for you to join us. We hope you will join us in those spaces so we can continue to grow as we imitate Jesus.

Remember we are the Body of Christ no matter if we are in the building at 3009 Shakertown Rd, walking our neighborhoods, on ZOOM with our Home Groups, or in our home office. May we continue to pursue Christ and be the light of the world.

Please continue to walk with us down this path by:

1. Praying for the leadership of your church. These decisions are not easy and we do not take them lightly. We are doing our best to hear the voice of God, see where God is moving and then responding to his leading.

2. Give us grace. As you know dealing with COVID is not always cut and dry. As we try some new things and renew old things be flexible with us.

3. Be patient. We want to be able to be agile but slow. Which allows us to be motivated by love. We want to move and act from a place of love for our neighbors, both near and far.

4. Remain faithful. We have been so impressed and inspired by you. The way you have been faithful to your families, to your church family, to your neighbors, and to your financial commitments, continue to be stories worth telling.  Persevere. Continue putting one foot in front of the other. God is faithful. God is present with us. God is still at work. Let’s remain faithful to Him.

…be the LIGHT of the world, a city on a hill cannot be hidden…

Stay Connected!

We will be using our social media platforms and our website to organize our community to be the church during this time of physical distancing. Make sure to stay plugged in through those platforms.