Gospel Mission

The Gospel Mission

Volunteers from BCC are needed to serve at the the Gospel Mission on the fourth Sunday of every month. Every volunteer receives great blessings in this service opportunity. We work in the kitchen, cleaning and serving food to those in need. Sign up to help at the Information Desk and pick up directions if needed.

For more information about serving at the gospel mission, contact Tom Whitman at 426-2633 or tewnew@att.net.

The Gospel Mission is located at 64 Burns Ave, Dayton, OH 45409.

Other ways to serve at the Gospel Mission

Recurring projects/events: (For individuals, families, and small groups)

  • Serving the Daily Meal
  • Cleaning horse stalls (at Camp Jabez)
  • Helping with day camps (at Camp Jabez)
  • Preparing clothing and household goods for distribution
  • Stocking and arranging various inventories
  • Working with the many youth ministries, including tutoring
  • Working at most skill levels as/in:
    • Lawn and gardening
    • Computer input
    • Driving
    • Office work
    • Carpentry
    • Computer repair
    • Concrete work
    • Electricians
    • Educational Instructors (at Nehemiah University)
    • Painters
    • Handy Man
    • Audio Technician
    • CCTV Technician

Please note: orientation is available one Saturday per month.

Special/occasional projects/events

These are good for any size group, such as a family, group of families, or a Small Group.

• Spring cleaning (at the Gospel Mission, Camp Jabez, or Nehemiah University)
– Painting
– Construction

About the Gospel Mission

The Gospel Mission operates a comprehensive inner-city mission near downtown Dayton, Ohio. It is open to men and women, young and old, of any race, belief, or circumstance. Their program begins with the necessities such as 80,000 nutritionally balanced meals served per year. But their real focus is to break the cycle of shattered relationships and alienation.

Restored people can apply God’s love and power to strengthen their lives. Renewed, they can regard others as more important than themselves. Many are motivated to share God’s blessings in many ways. Lives are being changed daily by meeting Jesus Christ and accepting Him as Lord and Savior at The Gospel Mission. Practical help is physical, emotional, and spiritual

The Gospel Mission is located where the need is great, yet the fields are ripe for harvest.

Read more at www.gmission.org.