Go Community Details

While every Go Community looks a little different, each shares the following characteristics:

An accountable Leader
Each GoCo Leader who is in an accountable relationship with another BCC leader. This is not to control the GoCo, but rather to support it, ensure healthy leadership and group life. GoCo Leaders are held accountable for their own character and competencies as a follower of Jesus and are part of a coaching group called a Leadership Huddle to ensure they are leading according to the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

A clearly defined “WHO”
The primary point of a GoCo is to make disciples. Each group has a clearly defined group of people they are trying to reach with the gospel, and disciple. This defined “who” might simply be friends who are far from God, or it might be a specific neighborhood or network of people, or people with a certain affinity (such as runners, gamers, or stay-at-home moms, for example).

Connect, Grow, Go Strategy
Every GoCos has a healthy balance of connecting with God, growing together in community, and going out on mission.

Monthly Rhythm
Each group has rhythm of gathering and serving that works best for the group. Most groups have at least one meal night or social activity each month, and 6-10 service project a year. In between organized gatherings, group members are involved in one another’s lives, cultivating their relationships organically as good friends. Small Groups formalize within Go Communities and provide an opportunity for more personal accountability, prayer, and Bible study.

20-50 people
GoCos create a social space that is small enough for community, belonging and participation, but large enough to make an impact. With 20-50 people, everyone can be known, yet it is a safe space for new people to observe from a comfortable distance. Go Communities have enough resources to do outreach efforts that make a real difference.

Expectation to multiply
All things that are healthy reproduce. Go Communities make disciples, raise up leaders, and launch new Go Communities. Although not every Go Community will start in the same way, each group starts with the plan to multiply. It is part of the DNA of the group and will be passed on to each new group.