Go Communities

A Go Community is a group of people who exist in Christian Community, to reach either a particular neighborhood or network of relationships.  We believe a community like this is the best environment to experience the kind of life Jesus has made possible for people, a life of both belonging and purpose.

What defines Go Communities?

  • A Go Community is an extended family of 20-40 people, including kids.  It is small enough to care, but large enough to dare.
  • Living intentionally the three dimensions of Jesus’ life: CONNECTing with the Father, GROWing together in the body of Christ, and GOing to our broken world empowered by the Holy Spirit with the love of God.
  • Go Communities have a very clear picture of what God has called them to do.
  • Lightweight / Low maintenance, it has to be simple and reproducible, led by people with normal 9-5 jobs who aren’t paid to do it.
  • The person(s) leading the Go Community are accountable to BCC leaders so a dynamic of low control and high accountability exists.

Go Communities are about people coming together, eating a meal, learning more about God, each other and serving the community around us.  Jump in and give it a try. As people experience living their life on mission, new needs will be discovered and groups will form regularly.

Go Communities are in the early stages and still forming at BCC.  For more information, contact us!