Adult Ministries


We have a wide range of small groups, service ministries and volunteer opportunities for adults.

Get Connected…

  • Home Groups: Get connected with a small group. We have home groups for every walk of life.

Get Involved…

  • Simple Ways to Serve: Access this web page for needs and ideas. Get started quickly with some simple, straightforward ways to serve others and get engaged in discipleship and the life of the church.
    Contact the church office at
  • Use Your God-Given Gifts (APEST Model): Get engaged in ministry within and/or outside the church body using your gifts referred to in Ephesians 4. This web page offers examples of our the many ministry areas and an opportunity to submit your own ideas for discipleship and ministering.
  • Worship Team (also Sound and Media): Lead the congregation before the throne of God at Sunday gatherings.
    Contact the church office at