2020 Goals

Who We Are - Screen Graphic

Our Mission

Our Mission is to lead people in a growing relationship with Jesus.  Our Vision is to be a 2nd Mile Church.

Our Goal

We are completing the first year of a 7-year plan.  Our Goal: We will have multiple generations of disciple making disciples by 2020.  Our Prayer: Lord, create a disciple multiplying culture among us.

Our Objectives

1. 2,020 disciples living on mission with Jesus.

This is not about the specific number (though 2020 is memorable), but about the effort it will take to reach that number.

2. Establish 50 Go Communities (1,200 people engaged)

3. 400 Leaders (includes leaders we mentor outside of BCC)

4. 4  Multi-site Communities

Though we could build bigger buildings and have larger gatherings, we feel our best strategy will be to reproduce smaller 150-200 person gatherings in multiple locations throughout our region.  This allows our Gatherings to remain more personal and the flexibility to be customized for the neighborhood in which it sits.

5. Plant 4 North American Churches

We plan to be involved in 4 church plants locally.

6. Partner w/ the Jambulosi’s to create a church planting movement in Tanzania among the Makuo people

Beginning with our long-established relationship with Movuto and Joyce Jambulosi, in Tanzania, we will support Global partners in disciple-making efforts in their local context.

7. Intentionally send out multiplying disciples into the world wherever God leads.

As people leave our congregation, we desire to send them out equipped as disciple-multiplying disciples.  This includes High School students graduating and moving on to college, local college students who become part of our family while they attend college, active military personell and their families who are living in Dayton for short term assignments, and even local families who God calls to transplant themselves in another local neighborhood for a specific missional work.

Critical Strategic Issues

We have identified three Critical Strategic Issues to achieve our goal and objectives:
1. Expectations

Pray like everything depends on God, work like everything depends on us. We have to raise our expectations of what God wants to do through us and raise our expectations of what we can accomplish for His kingdom through Christ.

2. Intentional Relationships

Live Naturally Supernatural. Don’t add mission to your life. Your life is your mission. As we listen to people’s stories we just naturally pray with them and bring Jesus into the relationship. It means we “Invest & Invite:” invest in people and invite them into a relationship with Jesus through bringing them into our extended family.

3. Multiplication

Disciples making Disciples; Leaders equipping Leaders; and Churches planting Churches. We don’t just want to duplicate; we want to multiply.

Our Core Values

While every church shares the same biblical core values, our Unique Values are:

  1. Responsiveness – we want to have margin in our lives to be able to respond to the needs of people and the prompting of the Holy Spirit.
  2. Intentionality – we want to intentionally invest in lasting and providential relationships.
  3. Generosity – we want to be generous with everything we have and are for the Kingdom of God.

The Plan

  1. PRAY & WORK HARD – to the glory of God
  2. Restructure Staff – to equip the saints
    We are adjusting current job descriptions and creating a new pastoral
    staff position: Vision Innovation Pastor
  3. Realign budget – to resource the mission
    This will begin with the 2015-16 budget
  4. Create reproducible processes – to facilitate multiplication
  5. Simplify systems – to support growth